Foot Reflexology

Foot massage is the precious heritage of Chinese traditional medicine. For century’s Chinese medicine believed that the foot contained the root to curing ones ailments. Modern medicine has since concluded that the foot contains many blood vessels and nerve endings(Acu-Points) that are connected directly to the brain. By stimulating these foot reflex points through various methods of hand massage we can improve blood flow to the brain to assist in the relief of stress related headaches, leg swelling, arthritis pain and many other ailments.

Natureology Health and Beauty Centre’s staff have over 11 years of experience in the art of foot reflexology. We use a combination of Chinese herbs and relaxing hand massage to preserve and maintain your health, beauty and well-being of the feet.

Welcome to try foot reflexology in Natureology Health and Beauty Centre! Let us keep your health!

Massage TreatmentsDescriptionsSessions&TimePrice
Reflexology10 - 15 minutes foot herbal steeping; 30 minutes foot massage45 Minutes$50